Christopher Adams

Owner of Modestfish
Freshwater Aquarium
Aquarium Products
Freshwater Fish

Overview of Christopher's Experience

  • Expert in freshwater aquarium care and product testing with a specialized interest in Aquaculture, Aquarium Sciences, and Aquaponics.
  • Dedicated to making aquarium care easy for novices through comprehensive guides and product reviews.
  • Featured on prominent platforms such as Healthline, WikiHow, and Aqueon, bringing trusted advice to both budding and experienced aquarists.

Work Life

Christopher James Adams combines years of hands-on aquarium care with in-depth research to craft content that turns the complicated aspects of aquarium ownership into manageable, enjoyable tasks. Through Modestfish, Christopher has become a beacon for those new to the aquatic hobby, offering step-by-step care guides on fish, snails, amphibians, shrimp, and live plants. He ensures that even the most complex topics are broken down into easy-to-understand language that empowers readers to take proper care of their aquatic friends and create thriving home ecosystems.   In addition to developing a vast repository of care guides, Christopher's authoritative reviews and test results on aquarium products have earned him a reputation as a trusted source in the aquarist community. While he has no formal additional training or certifications, his practical experience and focused research speak through the success and popularity of his mentions on platforms like PetHelpful, WikiHow, OwlGuru, Healthline, SchmidtOcean, VetHelpDirect, Aqueon, Ecomena and GreenMatters.   Beyond the world of aquariums, Christopher is a family man, an avid reader of inspirational non-fiction, and an explorer who enjoys the tranquility of nature walks. His home life is brightened by the lively antics of his Bengal cats, which adds another layer of joy and engagement to his everyday living.  


With plans to innovate within the aquarium hobby industry, Christopher is not only content with providing information but is also driven to address the common challenges faced by enthusiasts. Watch for his upcoming endeavors, which aim to enhance the aquarium care experience through innovative product development.

Christopher Adams