About Modestfish.com

Modest Fish was created in order to make it easy for anyone to start their own aquarium.

Our Mission

I want to be able to provide a wealth of information for new and seasoned aquatic hobbyists.


Inform, Educate, and Entertain you on all things fish (and other aquatic critters).


That’s the goal. Nothing fancy, just no-nonsense information.


To do this, I will breakdown complex or confusing topics into clear, easy-to-read guides with no confusing terms.

What You Will Find Here

Profile shot planted fish tank

Fish Keeping Tips & Guides

Get in-depth guides on how to care for specific speices of fish and maintain a healthy aquarium.

Freshwater Planted aquarium brilliantly lit up by LED lights

Equipment Reviews

Here, you will find unbaised product reviews so you can make an informed decision.

A green beautiful planted freshwater aquarium with fish


In this section of the blog you’ll find information on other ocean-related topics we’re interested in and passionate about.

Meet the Team

A middle aged man in a white polo shirt sitting down and relaxing on holiday


Chief Editor

Chris started Modest Fish in the hope to make it easier for brand new hobbyists start and run a successful aquarium.


Content Writer

Katherine Morgan from Northwest Florida who has kept aquariums for over two decades. She enjoys experimenting with low-tech planted setups and is an avid South American cichlid enthusiast which you can see on her Instagram here